About Me

Call me a career-counseling success story. I started college as a dance student wannabe, struggling to find a path that blended my passions with a real-life career, and the fine people at the University of Georgia suggested I investigate the field of landscape architecture. I was smitten.

My career began on the lovely enclave of St. Simons Island, GA, where I was enamored by the ability to create idyllic, outdoor environments that went way beyond just decorating architecture. A return to the big city of Atlanta opened my eyes to large-scale land planning and the fact that architecture is really a component of the landscape – mind-boggling stuff! Working with Mozley Company and Tunnell Spangler exposed me to some of the juiciest design projects in the United States, including Disney Resorts, Olympic venues and captivating leisure destinations abroad.

An opportunity to work with the prestigious firm Gage Davis Associates served as the vehicle to transport my husband and me to Boulder, Colorado.Twenty years later, family and career have flourished and we are ensconced in this delightful city. I’ve collaborated with several, multi-disciplinary firms including Shapins Associates, Belt Collins and DTJ Design. Additionally, I’ve worked as the community landscape architect at the ultra-mod Prospect New Town since its inception.

What they say about life being a journey is true, and my journey made a bit of a detour. The recent economic downturn led me to consider a career change, and I returned to school to pursue a healthcare degree. However, after a two-year hiatus and some profound introspection, I determined that my heart continues to dwell in the field of landscape architecture. I arrive at this point with three decades of experience and more importantly, a fire in my belly to rival that of the most recent design school graduate.

My Experience

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