Colorado’s First Parklet

Parklet - Panoramic view

Sue Wade, Sandy Brown, Angie Nelson, Marleen Hagen and Josie Kohnert (not pictured: Tracy Colling)

Sue Wade, Sandy Brown, Angie Nelson, Marleen Hagen and Josie Kohnert (not pictured: Tracy Colling)

Parklets are common in some large cities such as San Francisco and Boston, but this is Colorado’s first. The site location was selected to both test the concept and contribute to revitalization efforts on University Hill. The parklet will be deconstructed after five months.

The Doors Open Team won the City’s competition to design and build the parklet which occupies two, on-street, end to end parking spaces at the intersection of 13th and Pennsylvania. Constructed of repurposed doors and windows at its perimeter and softened by large planters filled with ornamental grasses and annuals, the parklet is a place for public gathering, conversation and relaxation. Blackboard paint covers some surface areas and chalk is provided so visitors can answer the question: What do you a-door about Boulder?
The ribbon cutting ceremony occurred on May 28, 2014 where the Mayor, members of the City Council, City staff, designers/builders and friends gave the parklet resounding approval. The Doors Open team consisted of Sandy Brown, Tracy Colling, Susan Wade, Josie Kohnert, Angie Nelson and Marleen Hagen (Boulder landscape architects). The team joined forces with Coalesce Design and Fabrication who constructed the metal framework and steel planters, and the project was completed for $5000.
If you’d like more information or to see additional photos, visit the Parklet’s own Facebook page:

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